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Dressing for Family and group Photography

  • Neutral, coordinating colos. Do not match! Like I said above, not every colors or fit works for every person. Mix colors that go well together but are not exactly the same. This is easiest done using neutral colours, which will also weather the years better than bright, bold colours.

  • Patterns like plaids, stripes, and florals. You can even mix-and-match them, and don’t be afraid to layer them with solid colors and denims.

  • Fitted clothes. Tailored outfits will always look better than loose-fitting clothing. If you feel the need, wear Spanx to smooth rolls (we all have them). Also, you should choose a cut that works best on each family member’s body type.

  • Closed-toe shoes. There are few instances when you should go barefoot or wear sandals, but in general most people should wear closed-toed shoes. This can include fashionable boots, dress shoes, and sneakers.

  • Jeans. It is not an absolute, but don’t be afraid of them, including torn jeans if that’s your style.

  • Sleeves. Of course take the season into account when choosing the cut of your top, but most people should wear sleeves.

  • Layers. Often my clients like to get a little bit of wardrobe variety in their portrait session, but let me tell you that with kids you won’t have time to change! Family sessions usually move along rather quickly as we try to fit in as many shots as possible while

    • children are cooperating. So by layering rather than bringing a change of clothes you can quickly and easily change up your look.

How to dress your kids

Avoid dressing your little ones in short dresses as they have a tendency to ride up. If you subscribe to my tips in the last podcast episode about preparing your kids for your session, you will spend most of your session playing! Be sure that the outfit you’ve chosen to dress your little one in is play-time appropriate.

  • Use spandex shorts if you are putting your child in a dress just in case.

  • Try your best to hide diapers. Bloomer pants are a great choice, and a longer shirt (tucked in or not) will help as well. It is not absolutely imperative that diapers are covered up. I recommend that you do a wardrobe test-run and if you find yourself fiddling with your child’s clothing to cover up their mid-section, diaper, or underpants, choose a different outfit.

  • Be careful with accessories. Often children don’t want to wear hats or scarves and will remove them. In other cases they’ll use them to hide from the camera. Remember that the important part is not the outfit, but the moments that are captured of your family. Just go with the flow if your child removes accessories to avoid crying.

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